Join ATX Hackerspace!
There are a few ways to participate and join the ATX Hackerspace Co-op. Please fill out the following form, and you will be invoiced by the Director of Finance in 24-72 hours.
  • In order to send you your online invoices, this MUST be a valid email address you check often. We only use your email for hackerspace related billing and business correspondence.
  • This is your BILLING address. Please remember that for Auto-Pay this address must match the address of the credit card.
  • - -
    This is your BILLING phone number, it must match the phone number you associate with your credit card.
  • Membership selections

    Please select the membership options you want
  • Please select if you wish to be a member-owner, or a patron, of ATX Hackerspace
  • If you select to be a Co-Op member, please select how you wish to be invoiced for your Voting share. If you select the lay-away plan, you will not have your share until you have made all your payments.
  • Full-time students qualify for a $20/mo discount. Must be currently enrolled and provide proof of enrollment for verification.
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