2018-19 'in the know' online feedback
You can help ensure that "in the know" sessions meet the needs of families and youth with lived experience by completing this evaluation. We value your opinion and we thank you for your feedback. All responses will be kept anonymous and will be used to improve your experience.
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    The information in this webinar I watched was useful
    I will apply the information I learned today
    Would you recommend / have you recommended this webinar or resources from The Institute of Families to another parent, a family member, friend or associate?
    I have watched an 'in the know' webinar or visited the FamilySmart(R) website before
    If yes, have you used / applied any information you found on the website or from the webinar?
    I have used the information I found on the FamilySmart(R) website or from the 'in the know' webinars to help or support family members, friends, patients/clients with their health / wellbeing

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