Registration for Madrasah Perdaus (2019)

To find out more about Madrasah Perdaus for Preschool, Primary and Secondary Students, please click HERE.

Registrations for Bedok and Bukit Batok are open! We have not yet opened applications for Punggol - we will update this form when we do.

For Mendaki Homework Café, please call our office (Bedok: 6513 2315 or Bukit Batok: 6513 2300) or email for the forms.

For youth programmes catered to youth aged 17 to 25 years old, click HERE.

Contact our office should you need any assistance.


  • Preface

  • You may choose more than one option e.g. Primary and Iqra'.
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    Student's Particulars
  • E.g. if your child's BC is T1234567X, please type in 4567X.
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  • As of 2019
  • Please include house and unit number, street name and postal code.
  • Email is to be used for memos for parents, newsletters and marketing of Perdaus programmes.
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  • Health Records
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