The Twin Cities Swiss American Association (TCSAA) is importing and selling Swiss cheeses to its members as well as to Buhler, Inc. employees.
For anyone not affiliated with Buhler, a current/paid 2016-17 TCSAA membership is required in order to participate. Please refer to for membership forms and payment details ($20 for families, $15 for Singles & Retired Couples). However, current TCSAA members may order on behalf of their friends and acquaintances on consolidated orders

Cheeses Available:

Emmentaler: $9.75/lb. Block size about = 14 lbs.
Gruyère: $ 11.75/lb. Block size about = 5 lbs.
Raclette “EMMI” $ 11.25/lb. Wheel size about = 11 –12 lbs.
Appenzeller $ 13.00/lb. Wheel size about = 15 lbs.
Vacherin (Fribourg) $ 13.00/lb. Wheel size about = 16 lbs.
Tête de Moine $ 14.00/lb. Block size about = 2 lbs.

The cheese will be delivered to Buhler Inc. Shipping and handling is included in the above price. Each participant will have to pick up his/her own order.
To order, please complete the form below and return it to the address listed. The order must be received by October 18 th, 2017. Payment will be due upon receipt of order based on actual weight. Checks can then be made payable to TCSAA.

The cheese is sold in whole blocks or wheels with a minimum order of half blocks or quarter wheels only (see above). You may want to cooperate with your friends and share an order.

Tentative date: Thursday November 2nd 2017, at Buhler Inc. 13105 12th Ave. Plymouth, MN 55441. Time- between 4 and 6 pm. Buhler Employees start at 3 pm. We will call you to re-confirm.
If you can’t make it on that day, please have someone else pick it up for you and pay for it.
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  • # of quantity
    Emmentaler - $9.75/lb - Whole Block
    Emmentaler - $9.75/lb - Half Block
    Gruyère - $ 11.75/lb - Whole Block
    Gruyère - $ 11.75/lb - Half Block
    Raclette "EMMI" - $11.25/lb - Whole Wheel
    Raclette "EMMI" - $11.25/lb - Half Wheel
    Raclette "EMMI" - $11.25/lb - Quarter Wheel
    Appenzeller - $13.00/lb - Whole Wheel
    Appenzeller - $13.00/lb - Half Wheel
    Appenzeller - $13.00/lb - Quarter Wheel
    Vacherin (Fribourg) - $13.00/lb - Whole Wheel
    Vacherin (Fribourg) - $13.00/lb - Half Wheel
    Vacherin (Fribourg) - $13.00/lb - Quarter Wheel
    Tête de Moine - $ 14.00/lb (Block)
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