Student Complaints
The Student Complaint Form is to be used to submit a formal complaint when a student has been unable to satisfactorily resolve an issue with the ABAC faculty or staff, or another student.

The Student Complaint Policy applies to student complaints or concerns not addressed in other ABAC grievance or complaint processes including, but not limited to, sexual misconduct, discrimination, accommodations, and ethical concerns. Before submitting the Student Complaint Form, please refer to the Student Complaint Policy and Procedure and the ABAC Student Handbook before filing this form.

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  • Background Information

    Please use this section to provide Date of complaint, Time of complaint, Department/Office, and Specific location of where the Incident happened.
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  • Contact Information

    Please use this section to provide us with your contact information. By providing your name and contact information we will be able to follow up with you for additional information and support. Therefore, it is helpful if you provide as much information as possible.
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  • Complaint Information

    Please use this section to provide us with specific information about your situation. The more information you provide, the better we will be able to assist you. This can include information about offenders, witnesses, and other pertinent facts about the situation and how it occurred. Additionally, please include a description of what resolution/outcome you hope to achieve as a result of submitting this report.
  • Supporting Documentation

    Photos, video, email, and other supporting documents may be attached below. Maximum 12 megabytes per file
    Attachments require time to upload, so please be patient after you click to submit this report.
    Although you are not required to submit any documentation at this point, it would be helpful to include any documents (emails, tests, quizzes, pictures, text messages, etc.) that support your complaint.