KCHS Math Camp Registration
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  • The session you select should correspond with the math class your child will be taking next Fall. Algebra 2 Honors and Geometry Honors have been scheduled back to back to accommodate any freshman who is doubling up.

    For detailed descriptions of topics covered, visit the 'Summer Programs' page of knoxvillecatholic.com or contact Jennifer Parris at jennifer.parris@knoxvillecatholic.com.
  • Please indicate any special accommodations that may be needed for the camper. List any allergies (food or other).
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    Some information may be sent via text.
  • Emergency Contact

    Please list an emergency contact different than parent copntact above. Parents will be contacted first.
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  • Payment

    $200 per camper (camps other than Calculus)
    $100 per camper (Calculus AB & BC camps)

    Please mail your payment:
    Knoxville Catholic High School
    attn: Jennifer Parris
    9245 Fox Lonas Road
    Knoxville, TN 37923

    Questions? Contact Jennifer Parris at jparris@knoxvillecatholic.com.