• Modification Request Form

    You will be contacted byt the Property Manager once there is approval by the Board of Directors

    Please complete the form below, pressing SUBMIT will transfer all information to the Chairman of the ARB and the Property Manager.
  • Required

    1. All applicable codes and regulations will be followed and all necessary permits will be obtained.
    2. All maintenance to this modification will be performed at my expense.
    3. I understand that, should any legal regulatory agency require , at any time in the future, modifications to this variance, they will be done at my expense.
    4. I will pay any maintenance costs incurred by the Association as a result of this modification.
    5. I understand it is my responsibility to advise future assigns or owners of this unit of their responsibility for this modification.
    6. I have read all applicable sections of the Declarations, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations and understand same.
    7. I hereby certify all of the above information is true and accurate.