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PASSPORTS should be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date you return from your vacation (with few exceptions) if traveling internationally, including travel to Canada and Mexico. They should also have at least 4 blank pages and be in good condition, with no damage to the passport. Please refer to your destination's specific passport and visa requirements using this link https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages.html

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR TRAVEL OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES: Anyone with a record of conviction (including misdemeanors such as DWI, DUI, reckless or negligent driving, drug possession; all felonies, domestic violence/assault, shoplifting, etc), regardless of how long ago, may be barred from entering a foreign country and may need to obtain a special waiver well in advance of any planned travel. If you are awaiting trial you may be denied entry. Border agents have access to U.S. criminal records. Failure to disclose a conviction could result in being barred from entry. Contact the proper consulate for more information http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/country.html

The Travel Bug Vacation Planners, LLC (known as TBVP) shall not be responsible for breach of contract or any intentional or careless act of omissions on the part of such travel related suppliers, which may result in any loss, damage or injury in connection with terrorist activities, social or labor unrest, mechanical or construction failure or difficulties, diseases, local laws, climatic conditions, criminal acts or abnormal conditions or developments, or any other actions, omissions or conditions outside of TBVP control to you or your travel companions.

ALL PRICES QUOTED ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND AVAILABILITY UNTIL BOOKED AND DEPOSITED. All bookings require a minimum per person non-refundable deposit (varies by supplier used) to hold and confirm reservations. Full payment is usually due 45 - 75 days prior to your departure from the U.S. Some special tours or accommodations require earlier payment, and you will be advised if this is the case. Late or non-payment may cause automatic cancellation of your booking. Traveler(s) is/are responsible for checking all confirmations, insurance policies, itineraries and documents, upon receipt. If you have any questions or discrepancies, call TBVP immediately.

AIRLINE CHANGES: All air itineraries and seat assignments are subject to change by the airline without notice. The Travel Bug Vacation Planners, LLC is not responsible for airline changes and air reservations are subject to airline fuel surcharges and/or government tax increases without notice, even if the reservation is paid in full.

AIRPORT CHECK IN TIME: minimum of 2 hrs prior for domestic flights and 3 hrs prior for international flights. Reconfirm your flights at least 24 hours prior for domestic flights and 72 hours prior for international flights to make sure there are no last minute changes. Reconfirmation of most international flights is MANDATORY. Please check your airline's website for baggage requirements. If you are flying on more than one airline, check each airline's requirements. Failure to use any part of your flight reservation may result in the automatic cancellation of your continuing and return flight reservations.

DOCUMENTS: Domestic-Valid government issued photo ID (i.e.: driver's license). International-A passport is required for all travel out of the country and should be valid for 6 months from the date of your return. Depending on the country visited, you may need to provide a visa and/or tourist card along with your passport. Please refer to http://travel.state.gov/foreignreqs.html for up to date passport and visa information. It is the traveler's responsibility to obtain all necessary documents prior to travel. Lack of proper documentation may result in not being allowed onto the plane or cruise ship or denied entrance into the country. For international entry requirements, traveler warnings and advisories, please visit www.state.gov/travelinformation/travelwarnings

CUSTOMS: Customs Department website:www.customs.gov

PRESCRIPTIONS: All prescriptions should be kept in original containers or at least have a copy of the prescription with you. Check with your doctor to see if any are narcotic based. If so, request that your doctor provide you with a listing of medications and your medical condition on his/her letterhead. Please check with the individual carriers for rules and restrictions on bringing syringes on board.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS: Please notify TBVP of any medical conditions/dietary requirements for anyone in your traveling party. For medical information about vaccines, diseases, etc. for the countries you are visiting, call your local health department and/or physician. Center for Disease Control: www.cdc.gov/travel. Most cruise lines and tour companies do not accept passengers past their 24th week of pregnancy. Please notify your agent if you are pregnant.

MINORS who are traveling WITHOUT BOTH parents: Please notify your travel agent. We strongly advise all single, divorcees, and grandparents that you obtain a notarized statement from the court or the other parent(s) giving you authorization to travel outside the United States with the children (even if you have been awarded custody). Failure to do so may prevent or hinder your travel and result in a monetary loss. Most cruise lines have age restrictions and have a minimum age for passengers (check with your agent). Minors are not allowed in casinos and are not permitted to buy alcoholic beverages.

SPECIAL REQUESTS, e.g. room locations, adjoining rooms, bed preferences, airline seats will be noted on the reservation but cannot be guaranteed by TBVP or tour operator. These are at the discretion of the hotel, cruise line, etc.

ALL-INCLUSIVE: If offered in your package be sure you know what is included in those terms. e.g. Most all-inclusives only include their local country beverages and not premium beverages or beer from the U.S.

PAYMENT shall constitute a consent to the above, and an agreement on your part to convey the contents hereto to travel companions or group members. Purchasor acknowledges and agrees that it is his/her responsibility to inform companion travelers of these terms and conditions and to provide them a copy of the terms and conditions to which they will be bound. TBVP is not responsible for issuing separate terms and conditions to each traveler booked/listed under one reservation. TBVP will be held harmless for any resulting disputes or actions taken by fellow travelers arising due to the purchasor agreeing to this contract. Any disputes or resulting actions are between the purchasor and traveling companions.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: Credit card payment is recommended over check, money order, or bank debit card. When checking in to a hotel or picking up a car rental, the traveler will need to supply the provider with the same valid credit card in his or her own name, unless otherwise noted. The provider will then place a hold on the card until check out or return of the car. The release of the hold might not be immediate and in the case of a debit card, may overdraw your bank account or cause the traveler to be short on the monies needed for the rest of the trip. It is highly recommended to use a credit card over a debit card. As all monies received for travel services are forwarded to the supplier, with the possible exception of the agent commission, the listed parties shall not be responsible for refund of monies not in their possession.

CHANGES/ CANCELLATIONS: Once the retainer has been received, it is non refundable. Cancellation penalties may vary depending on the products booked. Cancellation fees or refunds for customer cancellation are at the discretion of the hotels, tour operators, rental car agencies and other service providers utilized for travel related services. Insurance purchases are always non-refundable after their initial "look" period (either 14 or 21 days, depending on the company used).

TRAVEL CANCELLATION/INTERRUPTION INSURANCE: Travel insurance is strongly recommended for all travelers to cover unforeseen travel issues such as cancellations due to covered reasons, interruptions, delays, lost/stolen/damaged travel documents, medical expenses and emergency medical transportation, etc. Certain conditions/restrictions may apply to coverage. Please read the actual policy carefully to ensure that you fully understand the benefits, conditions and/or restrictions imposed by the carrier. Your travel agent is not responsible for underwriting decisions on claims made by the traveler(s) to the insurance company. Information on travel insurance purchased through the travel supplier can be found in the travel brochure or by contacting their insurance carrier. 3rd party insurance policies can be cancelled within a certain date after purchase for a refund of the policy price, less the handling fee. This differs with each policy so please read the policy as soon as it is received. After the period of review, the policies are NON REFUNDABLE.
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