Adoption Inquiry
PO BOX 81 / SHOALS, WV / 25562

As long as you provide a safe, healthy environment for horses, Are dedicated to finding a long term partner, are able to afford the basic needs of an equine where vet care, farrier care and dental care are provided and care about finding a horse that meets your skill level, You should be a good candidate for a HOP horse! We are not looking for fancy barns, we are looking for kind and safe homes!

We try to work with people, so that if you're a good home, you will quality to adopt, SO please email us to chat if you cannot complete the application in full - we will see what we can do to make it work!

A $15 Application Fee is Required because these take many hours of volunteer time to complete.

The Application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, but should the horse be adopted before your application is processed you're interested in, the fee is good for one year on this application, for any horse.

Please remit this fee following the Submission of the Application via Paypal at or mail to our address. *

Use this number for reference calls to HOP:
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