5 Celebrity Lesbian Couples Whose Relationships We
Lesbianism is no longer seen as a taboo in most part of the world. It’s legal in America for a woman and another woman to get married to themselves. For the most part, some persons still struggle with acceptance from friends, family and the community they are in.

There is no better place to seek inspiration than to look at celebrities who live similar lives. Celebrities are always in the face of the media, having their lives scrutinized by all and sundry. Hence, if those could live happily with their same-gender partner, you also can. Here is a list of five celebrities who defied the odds and show us that you can be happy with you lady partner.

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi
When you think of lesbians you should know, this couple is always the first on the list. Ellen is a successful TV host, who has had her career going for so long. The same goes for Portia de Rossi who is an actress and has spent so much time in the face of the media. You can call them the queen and queen of lesbian couples. Over the years, there has been several rumors of a divorce between them, however, they are still together and happy.
They have been together since 2004, and got married in 2008. It’s always hard for celebrity couples, straight or gay, to stay together for this long. But what are odds for, if not to defy them.

Chely Blitzer-Wright and Lauren Blitzer-Wright
Chely is a country star who came out to identify as a lesbian in 2010. When she did, she soon got married to her girlfriend, Lauren Blitzer, who was a worker at Universal’s Marketing department. The couple have twin sons, who they post so much on their Twitter handles. Chely is a great advocate for the LGBT community. She also did a documentary film for her coming out story.

Adele Haenel and Celine Sciamma
Adele came out last year as a lesbian during the French Academy Awards. She did that by thanking her girlfriend, Celine. The couple’s path had crossed when they were filming “Water Lilies” – a lesbian movie. Adele featured in the movie as the lead actress, while Celine was the director of the movie. Since then, Adele has won the Cesar awards and Celine has also been celebrated for her film, Girlhood.

Wanda and Alex Sykes
Wanda is a comedian and she is married to French Alex Niedbalski right before they came out in 2008. As of now, this couple have two beautiful children together, Lucas and Olivia Sykes.

Michelle Harper and Jenny Shimizu
Jenny is a model, and she was famous for being Angelina Jolie’s lover in the 90s. However, she has a new girlfriend by the name, Michelle harper. Michelle is a fashion brand consultant and are both admired for their works. Their photo shoots together are always gorgeous.
There are so many cute lesbian couples out there, and we cannot exhaust them. You all are amazing, keep shaping the way we see the world.
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