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  • Cam - First 5 minutes = 50 | 5/min after | I will not discuss opinion on a body/private parts without added tribute.
  • Measuring/shoe try on fetish has an added tribute because it is so frequently requested I must spend time on only those truly interested in exploring this kink. It is also less likely to be captured/pirated with the increased tribute.
  • Goddess Worship | Foot Fetish | D/s | Humiliation | Fantasy Play

  • Describe desired session or what you liked in the last session
  • Top 3 preferred days you are available. Example: Mondays & Tuesdays, only Fri.
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  • your information is kept confidential from any 3rd parties*
  • Terms and Conditions

    By filling out and sending the said questionnaire form, you (the "you" being: applicant and sender) agree to all terms listed and attest that you are at least 18 years of age, 21 in some territories and have the legal right to view and hear sexually suggestive and explicit depictions, images and dialogue.

    you attest to be the legal owner of all contact information and you have the right to share any and all information provided here. By submitting this form you are requesting a reply voluntarily, and are of sound, mind and body to enter into such a discussion. you agree to consult your doctor if necessary. you release Mistress Aaliyah from acknowledging any claims of distress and agree that Mistress Aaliyah is not liable for any damages.

    you agree to never reproduce or record any product you receive, including but not limited to: live feed, photo, video, images, previews, and/or gifs, online, commercial, non-profit or personal use without written permission from Mistress Aaliyah. If such a violation does occur you will admit all culpability and open yourself to any and all claims for monetary compensation to be given to Mistress Aaliyah indefinitely.

    you acknowledge that you have read the attached or linked site known as ( in its entirety, including but not limited to the FAQ (, protocol ( and especially payment methods. you understand any exchange of monetary funds or gifts for any perceived or legitimate communication, products or services are donations for time. you will be patient and uphold the utmost respect for Mistress Aaliyah and Her time.

    No returns or refunds given, you release Mistress Aaliyah (and its affiliates and subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees and agents) from any and all claims connected with such dispute. Rescheduling after tribute is sent allows up to 3 schedule changes on behalf of the booker and then you may be subject to forfeit your session. Repeated offenses may lose booking privileges. Terms are subject to update at any time, submission of form acknowledges terms are hence forth agreed upon indefinitely.
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