GP&R Program Proposal (Short Form)
You will be contacted regarding the status of your application once it has been reviewed. Please contact Groton Parks & Recreation at 860-536-5680 with any questions.
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  • Used for print and on-line listings. It is best to choose a name that immediately gives prospective participants a good idea of what the program involves.
  • GP&R hires both employees and independent contractors to lead programs. Based on the number of boxes checked, the Town of Groton will make a final determination of how you will be hired
  • Be specific and complete.
  • Describe what steps you will take to welcome diverse participation and make it easier for people who wouldn't normally participate to join in.
  • Minimum and maximum class sizes should be based on providing the best user experience possible, what you feel comfortable teaching, and what is appropriate for the size classroom.
  • Check all that apply. Typically, new programs are offered for the first time during the Spring season. The months listed after each season reflect deadlines for having proposals accepted.
  • List any supplies or equipment that you will provide and whether any fees are charged to participants. Any supplies needed for a class must be pre‐approved by the Program Supervisor. This should be considered when determining class fees. If a supply fee is required for each student, it must be approved and published in the program guide.
  • List any supplies or equipment that participants must provide. Do not include fees that participants must pay from the previous form field.
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  • Instructors maybe paid per hour. Usually, GP&R retains a portion of revenue collected for each class and pays the remaining amount to the contract instructor. The final payment terms as negotiated with GP&R are listed on the contract or offer letter. Rates of pay are negotiated based on a number of factors including facility space required, new vs. continuing program, number of participants expected, number of programs provided, and other details.

  • List any certifications, training, experience, skills, etc. related to your proposed class.
  • By clicking "submit" below, you agree that the information contained in this proposal is accurate and correct to the best of your knowlege and you consent to GP&R contacting the references listed.