Student Activities: Event/Venue Booking
This form should be filled in by Clubs and Societies to request Room and Event Bookings for all activities at the Union Of Brunel Students.

Simple Room Bookings require 8 Working Days Notice and Complex Events require 25 Working Days Notice. Always plan in advance.

If you need more assistance, please contact Student Activities at

Whilst this Event Form may seem long, pages will automatically be skipped if they are not relevant to your request.
  • Contact Details

  • Hindu Society, Football Club, Staff, External Company
  • Event/ Meeting Details

    Please provide as much detail as possible about your proposed event or activity.
  • The Union Of Brunel Students Presents: The Autumn Elections
  • Tick All That Apply
  • Please Give A First and Second Preference. You cannot request a specific room.

    e.g. Isambard Studios, Lecture Centre, Hamilton Centre, Atrium, Concourse, Sports Hall
  • Attendance (approx.)
  • / / :
    Please include additional set up time if needed, so if the event begins at 7pm and you need one hour to set up, please state 6pm.
  • / / :
    Please include additional pack down time if needed, so if the event ends at 8pm and you need one hour to pack down, please state 9pm.
  • e.g. Committee planning meeting for upcoming Black History Month, dance rehearsal for society members, external speaker event, distributing event wristbands on the concourse.
  • Repeated Meetings

    Use this section to select which Weeks you would like your booking/ event to repeat on.

    Please note freshers weeks & exam weeks are excluded from your options - Please use the Brunel Term Dates PDF for guidance on the dates the weeks correspond to.

    The same day / time will be booked in using the information above & so please note what day your start date falls on in the week
  • Select "Yes" if you would like to repeat the meeting/ event every week, fortnight, or monthly.
  • Book Room
    Week 1
    Week 2
    Week 3
    Week 4
    Week 5
    Week 6
    Week 7
    Week 8
    Week 9
    Week 10
    Week 11
    Week 12
  • Book Room
    Week 18
    Week 19
    Week 20
    Week 21
    Week 22
    Week 23
    Week 24
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    Week 26
    Week 27
    Week 28
  • Organsiers need to ensure they have enough funds to cover the full event costs prior to making a booking. Clubs and societies can check their accounts Union Finance through your administrators.
  • We consider activities to be complex events if any of the following apply:
    • 25+ expected attendees
    • Under 18’s
    • Food & Drink (other than pre-packaged snacks)
    • External Speakers/Acts/Performers/DJs etc.
    • External guests
    • University or Union Staff requirement, including security, bar staff and entertainment staff (Ents)
    • Tickets
  • By law, every event or meeting on campus must have a Risk Assessment. Please find a Risk Assessment Template in the link below, amend it to the best of your knowledge and upload it.

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