Classroom STEM Workshops
Available December - March

Classroom STEM Workshops allow GBF educators to bring the Bay to your students. These interactive, hands-on programs are an easy way to integrate the local environment into your curriculum. Each program is aligned with grade-level TEKS. Choose between the following topics based on grade level:

Elementary (45 min-1hr long)
K-2nd Grade: Bay Ambassador
3rd Grade: Bay Food Chains
4th Grade: Wonders of Wetlands
5th Grade: Animal Adaptations

6th-8th Grade: (45 min-2 hr long, depending on teacher request)
- Shoreline Engineering
- Wonders of Wetlands
- Environmental Leadership

9-12th Grade: (45 min-2 hr long, depending on teacher request)
- Shoreline Engineering
- Watersheds and Wetlands
- Environmental Leadership
- All about Oysters

During the program, students will complete data sheets that teachers may use as a grade if desired.

Workshop Expectations:
- No more than 35 students per workshop.
- Multiple workshops in one day must be scheduled relatively close in time.
- GBF staff to arrive thirty minutes prior to program start time to set-up.
- Space provided for workshop must not interfere with daily classes.
-Water is involved with many workshops. Please make sure the space provided is water friendly.
-Teachers are responsible for classroom management during the workshop.
- Allow twenty minutes for workshop breakdown.
- Post Evaluation Survey to be completed by participating teacher or event organizer.
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  • Ex: students with special needs, outdoor setting, etc.
  • Scholarship Information

    The goal of GBF education scholarships are to enable schools with limited resources the opportunity to experience a variety of hands-on environmental education programs. Scholarships are dependent on grant or donor funding. If you would like to be considered for a full or partial scholarship, please fill out the following section.

    Scholarship Requirements - schools receiving a scholarship will be responsible for the following:
    • Appropriate Communication with GBF staff.
    • Post-Program evaluations filled out completely.