2020 – 2021 Classes
  • We will be doing distance learning this year due to the Covid Pandemic.

    Teachers will conduct distance learning with your student(s) via Zoom once a week. Due to the 40 minute limit on Zoom, the late start to the Faith Formation school year and the difficulties of keeping young students engaged on Zoom, we are asking for the much needed involvement and assistance from the families in making this a school year full of meaningful learning. As we know, the most meaningful faith formation is centered in the family. Teachers will keep in touch with parents via Flocknotes (parish email). You may be asked to request that your child watch an online video or your child read a particular chapter ahead of class. And it would be fantastic if parents could find time to review with your child/children the lessons of the week. We realize you are busy with work, regular school distance learning/home schooling, but we would appreciate any effort you can make to work with your student(s) on Faith Formation.

  • We will attempt to accommodate your requests for day and time, but we do need to work within the availability of our volunteer teachers.
  • We will be giving your children books for home and they will have access to videos online.
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  • Thank you,

    Your Teachers and Staff
    Linda Kortuem