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  • “Formal Proposal Contract”

  • Company Information:

  • “New Vision Remodeling Group LLC”

  • State of Georgia # 21216545

  • Phone (470)551-7118

  • Email: NewVisionRemodelingGA@gmail.Com

  • Contact Information:

    A description of the section goes here.
  • Job Site Information:

  • Example: i want to build a shed.
  • Example: After inspecting the property we found that there was water damage.
  • Upload any Sample Pictures: You can also take this time to add before and after pictures.

  • Example: i need 8 6x8, 4 4x4 and 4 plywood sheet.
  • $
  • Payment Method and Schedules:

  • - 50% Upon (acceptance) of this formal estimate

  • $
  • - The remaining 50% Upon (Completion) of project.

    * Please be advise there is a 10% payment late fee if the estimate is paid in full Upon completion of project.
  • I’m herby to agree to all terms and conditions on this contract.

  • I understand that if I cancel the project I will be subject to a 20% fee from the total amount estimated minus any work performed or planned.

  • I understand completion dates may vary depending on weather or any other circumstances preventing from the project to be completed.

  • I understand that if I deviate from the payment schedule I will be subject to a 10% late fees, including but not limited to returned check fees of $45.

  • Please write all checks payable to “New Vision Remodeling Group LLC”