Bitch Did What?! Voice Talent
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  • Please submit a voice clip based on below script.

    Can be recorded on a voice note on smart phone does NOT have to be professional

    Please choose a tone or mix it up in your read; one take is great thank you!

    Here are four takes for you to choose from.

    Take 1 - quite amped up

    Take 2 - extremely snarky ending

    Take 3 - amped up the sweetness

    Take 4 - total loss of faith in humanity

    I work in a well know restaurant area in my city. It was a typical slammed busy Friday night, all the servers we’re in the weeds, meals flying out of the kitchen!. An older gentleman I would age at about 85 took a fall down our stairs and gashed his head on the brick wall. His head was bleeding badly and he was in shock. I performed first aid , called 911 and stayed by his side to calm and reassure him. Other servers needed to pick up my slack but the whole restaurant witness this poor gentleman’s fall and most of the other patrons looked on in concern for him. As I was holding his bloody head wound for the pressure and taking further instructions from the 911 Operator 3 DIFFERENT customers tapped me on the shoulder asking me to get their bill.

    Paramedics arrived and swooped in with a stretcher to take him to rush him to the hospital. I stayed along sidethe gentleman and held his hand until he was put in to the ambulance. BUT as I was walking along side of the paramadics one of my other guests grabbed my arm abrubplty and demanded I fetch him a drink. He even had the audacity to complain to my manager.
    *Thanks you so much sir! Don’t trip on your way out! “ (snarky/killing with kindness tone)