Jamfuser 2020 Team Registration Form
All teams wishing to participate on Jamfuser 2020 are required to fill in the following Team Registration Form. This will enable us to ensure that:

• We have your team details and we can ensure that your team meet with the competition criteria and therefore can be included in the judging and review process

• Your team is included in all communications from the Jamfuser organiser

• You gain access to our Jamfuser 2020 Discord Server

• Where possible, we can connect your team with one of our participating Local Hubs

The FINAL DATE for teams to submit their Team Registration Form is 12 noon Thursday 27th February 2020.
  • Person responsible for your team and key contact for Jamfuser
  • We will use this email address to send your team important Jamfuser information
  • Please let us know your Discord Handle so that we can recognise you on our Server. We advise that all team members include their team name in their Discord Handle for recognition.
  • Please insert the URL to your teams itch.io page above (you are provided this when you register) you can register and create your team page at: https://itch.io/register

    We recommend setting up a team itch.io page rather than recycling an already active personal page. This ensures all team members can have access to it and we can recognise your teams submisson on the Jamfuser itch.io page.

    If you have never used itch.io before it is REALLY important your team familiarise themselves and understand how to upload a game etc etc, BEFORE Jamfuser begins. This will ensure the submission processes is smoother and successful!
  • This needs to be between 2-6. Don't worry if you don't have all of your team members in place when you submit this form. We only ask this to help inform us about team size.
  • Please let us know where you are located (nearest city).
  • By selecting WORK REMOTELY, you and your team members will be self-organising where you work from and will either:
    • have your own venue to work from, and / or
    • will be working at different locations across the UK
    • you will not be using a Tranzfuser Local Hub

    By selecting TRANZFUSER LOCAL HUB please:
    • state which Local Hub your team intends to be based at
    • ensure you have contacted the Local Hub Coordinator and they are aware that your team will be participating at their hub and using the facilities and services that they are offering for Jamfuser
    • don't just 'turn up' at a Local Hub on the day of Jamfuser and expect to be accommodated, we can not guarantee you will be able to participate
    • note not ALL Local Hubs will be participating on Jamfuser

    It is your team’s responsibility to ensure you have full and proper permission to use the facilities where ever you choose to work from. Jamfuser will not be held responsible if you have not gained permission.
  • If you want to connect with a Local Hub but you are not sure how, please let us know and we'll let you know the Local Hubs that are participating and how you can get involved with them.