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    Marketing Out The Box has been providing marketing services to small to medium sized businesses for almost a decade. We help business owners leverage proven marketing systems in order to achieve dramatic growth in their business.




    Our company is looking for an outstanding sales closer, to work remotely, who would like to be a part of a rapidly growing industry working for a growing company. We are looking for someone who is persistent, commission driven, and results oriented.

    You will be working remotely from your home office as a 1099 Independant Contractor, presenting our marketing platform software to small to medium sized business owners who are looking for strategic and affordable marketing services, designed to help them reach more potential customers and grow their business.

    Again, this is a remote sales position which means you will be able to work from the comfort of your own home office. No commuting or burning up gas. You will be making calls and offering business owners the opportunity to sign up for our monthky subscription to use our marketing platgform in their business

    YOU CAN CHOOSE TO DO THIS PART TIME OR FULL TIME, based on your own schedule and needs. Even if you are already working at another company, you can start slow with us and put in more time as your commissions or residuals increase.

    You will be calling cold leads as well as warm leads of prospects who have raised their hand in order to receive more information about our marketing services.

    From time to time you may also participate in a short 15 minute online demo of the software with potential clients, in order to show them the benefits of our software for their business.



    If you’re like most people, you’ve probably seen sales opportunities that over-promise and then under-deliver. One of the biggest problems with many sales jobs is the absence of residual commissions and the lack of product need.

    At Marketing Out The Box Media, we’ve created a tremendous opportunity to create long-term wealth with great services every business needs and a permanent, residual commission schedule designed to reward outstanding salespeople.

    We are committed to making our sales reps successful because we realize that if we do, then by default we are also going to be successful as a company. We feel that the best way to reward exceptional salespeople is to give them an opportunity to share in the profits. If you’re tired of one-time commission deals or making a small fortune for someone else, we have the sales solution to put you in the drivers seat.



    Sales reps are expected to be able to convert and close leads and referrals provided to you

    Sales reps are expected to reach out to new potential clients on thier own

    You will utilize proven sales scripts as well as conduct brief online demonstrations when applicable

    Ability to engage with potential clients, access needs, and educate them on the benefits of our marketing services using a consultative sales model.



    We will provide you with training and marketing materials on our product and business model in order to help you achieve sales success and earn what you are worth




    New clients will pay a one time set up fee and receive their FIRST month free

    The set up fee is $79 to $97 and then the client pays $97 / month for their subscription to use the software

    You get to keep the set up fee as your sales commission and then each month that the business remians a client you will receive a RESIDUAL MONTHLY COMMISSION of 30% up to 50%  


    No sales rep only wants to get paid ONLY one time for a single sale made when they can also earn recurring commissions on those sales.

    We are only looking for reps who are interested in NOT having their income capped. You will be paid as an independent contractor. Commissions are paid weekly.



    The following scenario is based on a salesperson only making an average of ONLY ONE SALE each day for a 6 month period and earning a 30% residual commission.

    * 7 sales each week @ $97 (set up fee) = $679 / week
    * 28 new clients per month x 6 months = 168 clients
    * $97 x 30% = $29 monthly residual income per client
    * 168 clients x $29 = $4,872 residual monthly income

    NOTE: Your actual commissions may vary based on the following:

    * How many new clients you close compared to the example above
    * The residual percentage you receive. The above example uses the LOWEST you will receive which is 30%, however your residual commission rate could be as high as 50% depending on how many active clients you have at the time 



    * You must have your own laptop or desktop computer 
    * Reliable internet service (Not Dial Up)
    * You must have your own USB headset to allow you to make calls using our online dialer OR make calls from your own phone
    * Professional, Responsible, and Dependable
    * Goal Oriented, Self Starter and Motivated
    * Closing experience is a MUST
    * B2B sales is preferred
    * Superstar Closing Ability
    * Confidence & Persistence


    If you meet the above qualifications and you feel this is the right opportunity for you then go ahead and click the "Apply" button right now to get started.


    $50 CASH REWARD >>> Regardless of whether you feel this position is OR is not the right fit for you, we will pay you a Cash Reward for forwarding this job posting to someone else and we hire them beyond the three week trial period. Just make sure they mention you on their application.
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