Jr. Counselor Application
Kid's Clubhouse

*Notice: Not all applicants will be chosen for Summer Camp 2024. We have a limited number of Jr. Counselor positions available this year. We will begin reaching out to candidates in April.
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    Change the date if different than the 1st day of Summer Camp.
  • If your child is selected to be a Jr. Team Member, we will contact you with the date for our Jr. Team Member orientation. The $35/week fee will be due at the orientation for the number of weeks you select.
  • Contact Information

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    Must be 14 years old by the 1st day of Summer Camp.
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  • Availability

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  • Optional Field Trips

    Please make a selection for each field trip listed below.

    ***This does not guarantee that your child will be selected to go on these field trips.

    We will notify each Jr. Team Member at least 1 week before the trip if they were selected to go on the trip and payment will need to be made in full at that time (if applicable).
  • This can be changed later if needed.
  • Important Information Regarding Jr. Team Members

  • By signing, I completely agree with and understand all of the above rules for Jr. Team Members at Kid's Clubhouse.
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