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For Daily Rates, please go to our Accomadations page.

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  • All Prices include 2 Adults

    Extra Adults/$5.00 each
  • Children under 12 stay free!
  • Though we do not charge for pets, we do want to know if you will have a pet with you.
  • When are you coming?

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    Check-In Time:

    RV/Tent Sites: Noon - PST
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    RV/Tent Sites: Noon - PST
  • Example: We are traveling with the John Doe group, and would like to be placed next to them OR We will be arriving after 6pm, etc.
  • Cancellation and Refund Policy:

    Tent and RV Sites require 24 hour advance notice for each day you reserve.

    No refunds for early departure.

    Sorry there are NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • I/We have read and fully understand the Cancellation and Refund Policy.

    AND I/We further understand, that if the cancellation of this reservation is not within the period noted above, I/we will be charged for this reservation.
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    Please provide credit card information to continue with reservation, please note by entering your credit card info you are further confirming that you understand our cancellation policy:
  • Please make sure your card does not expire BEFORE your arrival date. Your reservation will not be guaranteed after it expires. Thank you!