Application for WCA Ordination
Application for Ordination through the Worldwide Church of Agnostics
  • Identification Section

    Tell us who you are
  • If you want more than two names to appear on your documentation, you can enter multiple names in each field.
  • Please: We do not need or want your street address
  • Qualification Section

    Show us you are qualified for ordination by WCA.

    All questions must be answered honestly and, for ordination, all your answers must meet our standards.

    It is suggested that you read and understand the explanations so you know what you are agreeing with.

  • One definition of agnostic is: A person who considers that it is not known whether or not a deity exists.

    This might not be quite the definition you use, but your definition should express a reasonably similar concept.
  • Ordination Selection Section

  • Delivery options and optional comments

  • The price for a mailed document is set to discourage use of this method and it works.

    Also, from experience, I know if this method was not offered, I would have to deal with correspondence requesting mail delivery.
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