Food vendor Application- Food truck Fest
Note: EVENT reserves the right to not accept vendor menu that directly competes with another vendor

Food Trucks offer fast festival food that is prepared within their truck. All operations stay within the truck.

Food Vendors prepare and sell food from a 10x10 pop up tent. Operations cannot extend off the sides of the booth.

• All food trucks and food vendors may sell any non-alcoholic beverages. All drinks and pricing must be included on the menu submitted with the application. Water sales are exclusive to the event.

Provide a certificate of liability insurance for $1,000,000 naming as Additional Insured: Susan Miller D.B.A Miller Promotions (include date of festival).

• Electric needs must not exceed 110volts/15amps; YOU MUST REQUEST ELECTRICAL ACCESS AT TIME OF APPLICATION to receive it. Vendors are permitted to use quiet generators. If you use excessive electricity, then you will be removed from the circuit.
• Food trucks and food vendors will pay for additional electricity if needed and will tape all electrical cords down and maintain their secure taping during the festival.
• Food Snack & Food Trucks Vendors will supply electrical cords with covers if stretched across a walkway.

• Flat Fee – the fee you pay for your space at the festival. $125 per space. $25 per 110-volt outlet.
• $35 fee will be assessed for any checks with insufficient funds or returned for any reason
• Your space is secured with payment. Spaces can not be held.
• Spaces are sold on a first come first paid basis.
• Payment options: check, pay by phone, virtual invoice, credit card, online payment

REFUNDS: Registrations is a commitment to the show. NO REFUNDS! NO EXCEPTIONS!
Once your application has been received, no refunds will be honored. This also applies to no-shows, late arrivals to the show, illness, family circumstances, and any type of request for a refund. Spaces can be resold with the approval of the show promoter. A $45 NSF fee will be charged for each check returned. All canceled checks will be filed with the magistrate

• All food trucks and food vendor's deep frying must have CURRENT K-Type fire extinguishers with current service tags.
• Food trucks and food vendors that are not frying, must have a minimum of one, 2A:20BC and one K-rated fire extinguisher.

• Food Trucks must have a minimum of one, 2A:20BC and one K-rated fire extinguisher.
• A maximum of two LP-gas containers with a total aggregate water capacity of 25 gallons is permitted on a single food truck.

• All food trucks and food vendors must apply and be approved for a Temporary Food Service Establishment Permit. Temporary Food Service Establishment Permit must be obtained by Vendor prior to set-up at EVENT. All Food trucks and food vendors MUST DISPLAY a SERVE SAFE CERTIFICATION. A copy of this certification must be given to the promoter prior to set up. Vendors will not be able to set up if the promoter does not have the certification on file.

Load-in & SET-UP:
• Food trucks and food vendors are required to check-in at the festival registration location prior to loading in and setting up. Festival Registration information will be provided via email no later than the 2 days prior to the festival. Without proper hang-tag credentials, Vendors will not be allowed to access festival grounds to set up.
• Copy of Serve Safe Certification is required at check-in.. Check-in is 2 hours prior to the start time of the event.
• Booths must be set up by the start time of the event and remain open till the close time of the event.
• Food trucks and food vendors must claim their assigned booth space no later than 45 prior to the start of the event or it will be forfeited.
• Food trucks and food vendors must be present and open for business during ALL festival hours.

• Food trucks and food vendors are allowed to sell only menu items that were submitted during the EVENT application process and approved during the selection process. Additional menu items not approved during the selection process need prior written approval from EVENT before they are eligible for sale.
• Prices of menu items are approved during the selection process. Changes to menu pricing are not allowed without prior written approval by the Selection Committee. Vendors doing price wars will be asked to leave.

• Food trucks and food vendors agree to allow the use of video and photography taken by Festival organizers at the event for promotional purposes.
• Any photos taken by the event are the property of the Festival.

All vendors with propane tanks are required to bring all necessary equipment to properly secure them.

• Applicants shall sell and serve food at their own risk.
• Applicants must obey all pertinent safety codes and laws, including, but not limited to, fire, safety, and parking regulations.
• EVENT reserves the right to shut down any vendors not meeting cleanliness and food storage safety codes and laws.
• Canopy tents must be fire retardant; open flames must be located a minimum of 10’ away from all canopy materials.
• All canopies, tents, and other temporary structures must be weighted before you are permitted to open, with the equivalent of 40 pounds per pole minimum. Booths may not open until properly weighted. Festival may shut you down for not having proper weights.

• Food trucks and food vendors will abide by EVENT staff requirements regarding location(s). EVENT reserves the right to change a vendor location at any time.
• Food trucks and food vendors will provide all required equipment for operations and sales.
• Food trucks and food vendors A-frame signs cannot extend further than 3 feet from the facade of the booth. Food trucks and food vendors are liable for any injury or damage caused by signs.
• Any food vendors that fry must be in a food truck only. Food vendors with a pop-up tent are NOT permitted to fry.

• No grease or gray water disposal is available. Do not dump grease anywhere at the event.
• No water provided by EVENT
• Food Snack & Food Trucks Vendors are responsible for removing debris and ensuring the general cleanliness of the area
• Vendor's garbage must be put in a dumpster and it is not permitted in event trash cans

• The Festival will take place rain or shine. Applicants agree to be present despite weather conditions. Each participant is responsible for prepare their displays to withstand weather fluctuations including rain and wind.

Food trucks and food vendors execute this Agreement as independent contractors and shall at all times have complete supervision, direction, and control over the services to fulfill requirements. Vendors execute this agreement as independent contractors, not as an employee of EVENT. Vendors will assume responsibility for appropriate payment of payroll taxes and charges under applicable federal and local law. Vendors agree to take complete responsibility for paying the appropriate federal and state taxes as independent contractors.

This application serves as a contract for exhibiting at the scheduled Festival you have listed. Upon acceptance, vendors
in the event will be held to the rules and guidelines listed in this contract. Please read carefully and retain a copy of the application/contract and conditions of the show for your record. Vendors are responsible for their own insurance and should provide proof of insurance. Failure to secure insurance will make the exhibitor liable for any claims or suits held against them by the customer or people attending the event. The food vendor accepts this liability when participating in this show.
The certificate must list Susan Miller dba She Deserves is named as an additional insured.
  • $ .
  • Make check payable to: She Deserves
    Mail application to: She Deserves, 248 Allison Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15202
    Email it:
    Phone: 412-415-3584
    Fax: 412-415-1315
  • - -
  • Credit Card Number
  • Sign to give us permission to charge your chard for the total you request.
  • I understand that the show promoter, the mall management, and all of its agents are not responsible for lost, stolen, or
    damaged, merchandise of mine.
    • I have read the rules for participation on the event website
    • I understand that I am responsible for my own insurance and I should provide proof of insurance. Failure to secure
    insurance will make me liable for any claims or suits held against me by the customer or people attending the event. I
    accept these liabilities when participating in this show.

    General Release and Acceptance of Rules - This contract is for the Food Truck Festivals to which exhibitor applies or is accepted.

    I, the applicant, have read the “Rules of the Show” of this licensing application/contract and agree to abide by said conditions. In addition, I, the applicant, do expressly release the staff and owners of the Martinsburg Food Festival, Food Tuckin to The Cove Morrison Cove Park, Chow and Browse Alameda Park, Pittsburgh Foodie Festival Pittsburgh Mills Parking Lot, Next to JCPenny's, Battle of the Burgers and Bands Shenango Community Park and Miller Promotions, the mall or it’s agents, of and from any and all liability for any damage, injury or loss to any person, business or property which may arise from the licensing and occupation of the exhibit space by the applicant, and agree to hold and save Miller Promotions harmless of any damage, injury or loss by reason thereof. I understand that if this application/contract is not accepted, booth fees will be returned. If this application/contract is accepted, I give permission to use my name, business name, photos, item prices, and any photographs, videotape, or images taken of me or any items for any and all purposes. If accepted, I authorize my credit card listed above to be charged all fees.