Candidate Scholarship Application 2022
  • Candidate Information

  • Before you start this application make sure you have read through all of the application criteria on the PDF Guide. That way you will be prepared with all the necessary information this online form will ask for. You can save and resume this form. The "save and resume" button is at the bottom
  • Please type in your PPG membership number. You can find this on your membership profile when you login to the PPG website
  • Please type in the number of months you have been a PPG member
  • Membership Type
    Please make sure your membership type is eligible for this program
  • Please detail your school and college credentials with the year of graduation
  • Your Pet Industry Experience

  • Please type this in years and round up or round down to the nearest year.
  • Indicate yes or no
    If yes please complete the section on Pet Business. If no please complete the section on your Pet Industry Employer
  • Your Pet Business Information

    Only complete this section if you are a business owner
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  • Your Pet Industry Employer

    If you are an employee in the pet industry then please complete this section on your curent employer
  • Your Volunteer Experience

    Please complete this section if you volunteer within the industry
  • Please round this up or down to the closest year
  • Please also include how many hours each month you provide volunteer service
  • Most current organization please
  • Most current organization please
  • Your Choice of Scholarship Program

    You will need to provide the following information:
  • PPG only provides scholarship funds to approved educational providers
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    When is your program scheduled to start, if there is a specific date within 6 months
  • $ .
  • Please provide complete link to the program you are applying for
  • Choose yes or no
    Would you accept a partial scholarship? In other words, if you were granted part of the cost of the program, would you accept it?
  • What makes your applicaton unique?

    Why should your application be selected over others?
  • Industry Benefit

    How will you use this new knowledge, how will the pet industry benefit from your education?
  • Special Interests

    What special interest do you have in the pet industry?
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