Professional Boundaries
Crossing professional boundaries is the most common reason for us to engage the employment disciplinary process with our support workers. Crossing boundaries can impact on yourself, your colleagues and the client and can create potentially dangerous situations from something that appears well-meant and harmless. Because of this we spend a lot of time educating staff so that they have the knowledge to avoid this downfall.

You can find information in the employee handbook and the professional boundaries policy both are located on the staffroom website "".
  • This is ok This is NOT ok Not sure
    Giving my phone number to the family of the person i am supporting so that we can make contact as required?
    Sharing personal stories about your experiences with mental health or how your family is?
    Knowing that others are just as capable to support the client as you are?
    Sitting on a clients bed and talking to them?
    Connecting or talking over social media?
    Talking about other staff with the person your supporting?
    Contacting staff to check in on how your client is going when you arent there?
    Reading the notes when you arent due back to support the person for some time?
    Taking a client to your personal home so that you can pick up something you forgot?
    Having a family member or friend come to the motel that you are providing support in to visit?
    Understanding that each staff member brings something different and being liked isn't necessary to be affective