EWE Contract
So you think you're ready to join the legacy that is EWE? Go ahead and fill out your Contract here then. Be sure you've read the Rules and check the Taken Talent.
  • Handler Information

    Information about you, the Handler.
  • Enter Your Name
  • Valid E-mail To Reach you at.
  • Skype, Yahoo, AIM, Twitter, ect. This is optional. (say which is which if you do)
  • Basic Information

    Basic Information for the Character you are joining as.
  • Name of Superstar or Diva you are Joining as.
  • Name of Wrestler's Pic Base (for CAWs, If joined as a Real Wrestler, say "Real" here)
  • Billed HomeTown of Wrestler.
  • Billed Height of Wrestler.
  • Billed Weight of Wrestler
  • Entrance Theme for Wrestler.
  • Brief Description of your character's entrance
  • Name of Manager, Leave Blank or say "None" if none.
  • If you don't have a manager just leave blank.
  • Fighting Stats

    All the information about how your character fights.
  • Name of Primary Finisher
  • Describe your Finisher.
  • Name of Secondary Finisher
  • Describe your Finisher.
  • Name of Submission Finisher (Leave Blank if None or Primary/Secondary is already a Submission)
  • Describe your Finisher.
  • 5 Signature Moves your character uses, no Finishers.
  • Up to 10 Normal Wrestling Moves your character uses.
  • Other

    Other Information.
  • If You Selected Other/Member Referral, answer how/who referred you, here. If Not, leave blank
  • Please do a Brief Sample Roleplay.
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