Campus Guests/Visitors
This form is not for persons coming to serve the nation as volunteers. It is primarily to help us process persons wanting mainly accommodation for the short term stay, whether to transit, vacation, or attend a local seminar. For all mandatory fields, simply put "N/A" if the question is not applicable to you.

Please note that this form does not serve as your conference/seminar registration, but only addresses your accommodation/meal requirements for staying with YWAM Montego Bay.
  • (Or country of service for missionaries)
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  • Religion and Purpose of stay

  • Housing Logistics

    Please take some time to carefully fill out the below as accurately as possible. It will help us ensure the best housing match is made for you.
  • Please use the MM/DD/YYYY- MM/DD/YYYY format, or if your dates are very flexible, just give the month and year.
  • guests are billed per night, charges apply for meals the main kitchen provides beyond the Lunch meal.
  • Please note that our facility does not recommend arrival times outside of those listed above. For special consideration, use the 'Other' box.
  • Hospitality housing and family housing are usually in limited supply during seminars/workshops in 2020, and may not be available to conference attendees.
  • Our dorm rooms hold 4 persons each. Family housing may differ.
  • Our dorm rooms hold 4 persons each. Family housing may differ.
  • Please include yourself in this count.
  • Please include yourself in this count. Put "N/A" if traveling alone.
  • Schedule & Meal Logistics

  • Please note the reasons for your stay may affect the kinds of meal options available to you. If you are a conference/seminar attendee, it is best to have a meal plan that provides all 3 meals for you on base. Prices given on submission of form.
  • Please note that special diets may attract an additional cost in your final price quote.
  • If you are a former staff, or were invited to stay by/with a staff, or have spoken with a staff before filling out this form, please mention that here so that it can be taken into consideration.