AAS Variation Request
Complete this form to request for various types of variation to your Australian Awards Scholarship.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact CDU Global via phone 08 8946 7215 or email international@cdu.edu.au.

    1. Variations will not be approved after the end date of your scholarship.

    2. All variations will be approved by the Director of the Program Area within DFAT.

    3. For withdrawal variation, you must leave Australia within 14 days.

    4. For extension variation, extensions can only be approved for legitimate reasons, including unforeseen and exceptional circumstances beyond the control of you and CDU.
    A maximum of 6 months maybe approved for the duration of the scholarship, apart from an Honours year extension.
    You will be responsible for paying any costs associated with gaining a new student visa.
    You are not permitted to self-fund an in-Australia extension to your scholarship.

    5. For suspension variation, total period of all suspensions must not exceed 12 months.
    Reunion travel entitlement may be used in advance to fund your return home travel.

    6. For institution transfer, you will be responsible to cover all costs associated with the transfer (i.e. costs of relocating)
  • Once you click "Submit" button below, you declare and confirm that all information provided is accurate and you have read, understood and agree to the above conditions.