The Fresh Air Project Auckland
The Fresh Air Project is a smokefree outdoor dining initiative that started in Christchurch. We are thrilled that your venue is joining many other Fresh Air venues across New Zealand giving customers a healthier, fresher dining experience.
  • The Fresh Air Project Guidelines

    To guarantee maximum freshness, those venues who join the Fresh Air Project agree to respect the following guidelines:

    1. Your venue supports only 100% Fresh Air dining (this means no separated/ designated smoking areas onsite and removal of all ashtrays from the premises)

    2. Vaping is not allowed on premises (including e-cigarettes, vape pens, heat not burn products, and other vaping devices). Vaping looks like smoking and could cause confusion amongst customers.

    3. We encourage venues to use the available Fresh Air signage.

    4. Clear communication takes place with all staff before introducing your new smokefree outdoor dining area so that staff are familiar with your ‘go to message’ on why your venue is now Fresh Air. (eg. We are not anti-smoking but pro fresh air. We want to provide the best environment for our staff and customers.) The Fresh Air project team can help with positive messaging.

    5. Any staff who smoke, do so off premises to avoid confusion.

    6. Help staff link to support if they wish to quit smoking. Smoking cessation support is available through Quitline Tel: 0800 728 778 / Website:

    7. You agree to get in touch with the Fresh Air team if something changes and you feel you are no longer able to uphold / respect the terms of this agreement.

    We continually work to develop the Fresh Air project so reserve the right to make small changes to these guidelines over time. You will be notified of any changes.
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