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Once you register, you will receive an information package about your retreat which includes some useful content about your upcoming trip to Cambodia.
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  • Please use the box below to let us know about any health problems, physical disabilities, travel restrictions or any diet concerns you may have. This information will be confidential and will only be shared with your retreat host.
  • If a friend refered you, please give us their full name so we can send them their incentive gift.
  • Use the box below to let us know if you are arriving a few days earlier or staying a few days longer at our hotel. We extend special rates for retreat guests who arrive early or stay longer.
  • Not included in the price: Airfare - Visa -
    Optional travel insurance - Gratuity -
    Additional food/drinks - Excursions, transportation, additional nights at the hotel outside of the retreat dates.
  • Deposit Payment

    Once your registration form has been received, we will email you a PayPal invoice for your deposit.
    A $350 non-refundable deposit is required to guarantee your spot. Remainder of your payment is due upon arrival at the hotel in Cambodia either in cash, Visa or MasterCard.
  • Passports: Not only is a passport essential, it needs to be valid for at least six months or Cambodian immigration will not issue a visa.
    It’s also important to make sure that there is plenty of space left in the passport, as a Cambodian visa alone takes up one page.
    Losing a passport is not the end of the world, but it is a serious inconvenience. To expedite the issuing of a new passport, keep a photocopy of your passport photo page.

    Visas - Visas to enter Cambodia are necessary and can be purchased on arrival or ahead of time on-line.
    on-arrival cost US$30
    On-line - $79

    Vaccinations - If you plan to get vaccinated before your trip, consider the following:
    Specialized travel-medicine clinics are the best source of information, as they stock all available vaccines and can give specific recommendations for each region.
    Doctors will take into account factors such as past vaccination history, length of trip, activities and existing medical conditions.
    Most vaccines don’t produce immunity until at least two weeks after they’re given.
    Ask for an International Certificate of Vaccination (otherwise known as 'the yellow booklet'), which will list all vaccinations given.
    Recommended Vaccinations
    The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the following vaccinations for travellers to the Mekong region:
    Adult diphtheria and tetanus Single booster recommended if you haven’t had one in the previous 10 years.
    Hepatitis A Provides almost 100% protection for up to a year; a booster after 12 months provides at least another 20 years’ protection.
    Hepatitis B Now considered routine for most travellers. Given as three shots over six months. A rapid schedule is also available, as is a combined vaccination with hepatitis A. Lifetime protection occurs in 95% of people.
    Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) Two doses of MMR are required unless you have had the diseases. Many young adults require a booster.
    Polio Only one booster is required as an adult for lifetime protection.
    Typhoid Recommended unless your trip is less than a week long and only to developed cities. The vaccine offers around 70% protection, lasts for two to three years and comes as a single shot.
    Required Vaccinations
    The only vaccine required by international regulations is for yellow fever. Proof of vaccination is only required if you have visited a country in the yellow-fever zone within the six days before entering the Mekong region; if travelling to the Mekong region from Africa or South America, check to see if proof of vaccination is required. It's only likely to be an issue if flying directly from an affected country to a major gateway such as Bangkok.
    Please notify us of any allergies or health conditions.

    Typical Weather in November
    Average temperature 26°C 79°F
    High temperature 31°C 88°F
    Low temperature 22°C 72°F