Volunteers Pre Camp Registration Form v2
This form needs to be completed before each camp that you volunteer at.

Before each camp please also log onto SMO (campclayton.smo.org.au) and ensure that your details are up to date including special diets and medical information. This is YOUR responsibility to ensure that it is updated if need be prior to camp.

  • Under 18's Please ensure that you get your parent/guardian to sign this form BEFORE you come to camp

  • It is Camp Clayton's policy that no medications are administered by Camp staff or leaders without prior arrangement with parents at registration (ie medications provided by parents as necessary for current conditions) or as advised by medical staff on consultation. The only exception to this is paracetamol which may only be administered with the following signature from a legal parent or guardian (for those under 18 years)
  • Please ask you legal guardian or parent to use the mouse or finger if using a touchscreen to sign