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  • Example: 2011 Honda Civic
  • (55W HID is 70% brighter than 35W HID)
  • (The only difference between Regular & Slim Ballast is the SIZE)
  • (For H4, H13, 9004, 9007 bulb type, we only carry Dual Beam and Bi-Xenon)
  • - 4300K (OEM White) - very slight yellow and no blue color.
    - 6000K (Diamond White) - White with no blue or yellow color.
    - 8000K (Diamond Blue) - White with very light blue color.
    - 10000K (Brilliant Blue) - White with blue color.
  • For some cars with canbus or day time running lights, mostly later models of BMW and Mercedes and some European cars, the lights will flash when you start the engine, and the solution is to get a canceller. Canceller will put a load on the factory socket which will trick the cars computer that it is still running on halogen which will eliminate the flickering.