Training: RAN-EC Certificate Reprint Encrypted
Complete this form to order a reprint of a RAN-EC Certificate.

RAN-EC Certificate reprints cost $11.00 and can take up to 2-3 days to be prepared (please allow an additional 5-7 business days for postage).

RAN-EC Certificate reprints can be collected from the AEU Office (163 Greenhill Road, Parkside 5063) or posted to your specified postal address. For security reasons RAN-EC Certificates cannot be emailed.
  • RAN-EC Training Provider

    RAN-EC Certificate reprints are only available if you attended RAN-EC training at the AEU.

    If you attended RAN-EC through another training provider (such as Gowrie or CEASA), please contact them to arrange a replacement certificate.
  • I did not attend RAN-EC training at the AEU

    If you did not attend RAN-EC at the AEU, we cannot provide a replacement RAN-EC certificate for you. Replacement RAN-EC certificates can only be issued by the training provider that delivered your training.
  • I don't know where I attended

    If you can't recall which training provider delivered your RAN-EC training, please fill out your details on the next page and this information will be checked in the AEU system.

    If you did attend training at the AEU, your RAN-EC certificate reprint will be processed.

    If you did not attend training at the AEU, we will contact you to let you know.
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