CAMTS Global Application For Accreditation
1. Complete this initial application.

2. Return to the CAMTS Global office the 750.00 application fee.

3. You will then receive the Program Information Folder (PIF) by email.

4. You have up to 1 year to complete the PIF.

5. Submit the PIF and the attachments requested following the instructions on the PIF.

6. We will contact you to schedule your site visit after we receive your completed PIF.

7. An accreditation decision will be made at the next Board of Directors meeting.

Banking Info for Bank Transfer -

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (163) P.O. Box 6995 Portland, OR 97228-6995

Account number

Routing numbers
Direct deposits & electronic payments 102000076
Domestic wire transfers 121000248
International wire transfers WFBIUS6S
  • /
    You will have one year from when you apply before this application expires.
  • (PIF will be emailed once we receive check)
    You are responsible for all transfer fees.
  • A base is defined as any place aircraft/ambulance and medical crew are located.
  • Description of Service

    (Check all that apply to your service)
  • RW FW G ME Other Surface
    Pediatric (PICU)
    High Risk OB
  • Size of the Service

  • RW FW G ME Other Surface
    Total number of transports in most recent fiscal year
    Total number of dedicated aircraft/ambulance(s)
  • RW FW Ambulance and/or Other Surface ME
    FAA Cert #/EASA Cert#/ TC Cert#/ Other (please state number and which it is)
    Company Name/Owner/Operator
  • Office use only -

  • Date received:
  • Program Number:
  • Entered into database:
  • Payment received:
  • Emailed PIF:
  • Sent Packet: