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The Ultimate Local Islamic Children's Camp is Back!


Why Bunayya Camp is Our Choice!

"I appreciate the Bunayya camp because I feel that it provides my son with an experiential learning experience that he won’t be able to get at home or in the classroom.

He learns independence and resourcefulness first-hand. He told me he learnt about how to do basic cooking, how to pitch a tent, and he learnt about trust, about iktikaf.

The camp is also an avenue for him to build camaraderie with Muslim children from other schools.

Every time he returns from a Bunayya camp, he’s eager and excited and full of stories on what he did. He definitely enjoys the experience."

- Ms Faeza Abdurazak,
Mother to Farouq and a WAHM

An enriching, adventurous and spiritual two-day camp for your upper-primary children to spend their March holidays!

We had an overwhelming response for the past few years, ma sha Allah! Register your child now to avoid disappointment =)

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Contact our office should you need any assistance.

See you at the camp!
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