Non-Law Student Registration Request
Matriculated graduate students from outside the law school are permitted to take a law school course if they can demonstrate that:
(a) they have the ability and educational background to adequately handle the course material; and
(b) they possess relevant experience in the area in which the course deals such that they will add a relatively unique perspective to the course.

Instructor and administration approval is also required. Instructors will receive a copy of this form and notify the Law Registrar of their approval via email. Failure to obtain approval from the instructor prior to the submission of the form may cause delays when receiving a permission code.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when taking a law class:
• Non-law students will be given a permission code to register themselves at open enrollment.
• There must be open seats in the class before we can send you a permission code.
• The College of Law charges more tuition for its courses than other departments on campus.
• The College of Law has an 80% attendance policy.
• If your student ID is not activated, you can get it activated at the front desk (first floor) of the law building.
  • (For example: 01234567)
  • The 2*/2+ number (usually followed by six digits) is needed to get access to the law building.
  • (For example: 1010-001)
  • (For example: Intro to Law)