Secretary Report Form
New England and Bermuda District of Key Club International
  • Club secretaries should submit this form each calendar month by the 10th of the following month (i.e., the November report is due December 10th). The months of April through September are combined into a single report due on October 10th.

    This Report is graded out of 12 points:
    1 point for being submitted complete and on time
    4 points for service to school and community
    1 point for service to District Projects
    1 point for service to the Key Club International Service Partners
    2 points for Kiwanis Family Relations
    3 points for e-mail addresses

    Please direct any questions to District Secretary Autumn Verran at
  • Your high school
  • Note: Divisions were changed effective April 2021. Please double check your Division at
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  • Note: The report for each month is due on the 10th of the following month. For example, you should submit your October report on or before November 10. The first report of the year (April-September) is due by October 10.
  • Club Meetings

    Note: This section is not graded.
  • Please only include dues-paid members.
  • Service to School and Community (4 points)

    Please describe the 4 biggest service projects performed by your club in the last month that benefited your school and community (2 projects to benefit the school and 2 projects to benefit the community). If one service project took place multiple times (i.e., your Key Club raked leaves once a week), please aggregate the projects together for the month in question.
  • Short Description Members Involved Total Service Hours
    School Project 1
    School Project 2
    Community Project 1
    Community Project 2
  • Service to District and International Projects (2 points)

    Please describe one project that your club performed to benefit any of our three District Projects: Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute, Camp Sunshine, and Children of Peace International, and one project that your club performed to benefit a Key Club International Preferred Charity: UNICEF (Start Strong:Zambia), the Thirst Project, Ericka's Lighthouse, or Schoolhouse.
  • Short Description Members Involved Total Service Hours Funds Raised (if applicable)
    Service to District Project (KPTI, Camp Sunshine, Children of Peace Int'l)
    Service to/with an International Project (UNICEF, Thirst Project, Ericka's Lighthouse, Schoolhouse)
  • Kiwanis Family Relations (2 points)

    Please describe the interactions between your Key Club, your sponsoring Kiwanis Club, and other Kiwanis Family clubs, including Kiwanis Clubs, Circle K clubs, Builders Clubs, K-Kids clubs, and Aktion Clubs.
  • This includes meetings by a Kiwanis Club, CKI club, Builders Club, K-Kids, or Aktion Club.
  • Submit

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