Korowal Protected Disclosures Form
Please note that any disclosures made in this form are not provided to Korowal, but to an external independent service that acts for the School.

This Disclosure Service is operated external to Korowal. In order to follow up on the concerns you have raised, we need to be able to contact you. Please provide your email address or telephone number in order for further follow up to occur. This information will not be provided to Korowal.
  • Please note, a concern being anonymous may affect our ability to address concerns.

    If not, please provide your details below
  • Please note that we are legally obligated to provide any information regarding certain conduct such as criminal conduct to external authorities including the Police or relevant child protection agencies.
  • If yes, please provide your details
  • The Nature of the Concern

  • If you have additional information, or would like to send supporting documents by email please send to korowalprotecteddisclosure@integroe.com.au
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