UpStage: Youth Talent Submission Form
Submissions due by SEPT. 5TH
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    Conditions: Artist will be notified of performance time approximately 1 week prior to the event. Artist must report to the Stage 1 Backstage area not less 15 mins before and not more than 30 mins before their performance time. As the Lexington Roots & Heritage Festival is family-oriented, all music, lyrics, etc., MUST be free of profanity, sexually explicit lyrics and/or actions, and anything that the festival representative(s) considers to be inappropriate for all audiences. Performances that contain such material will not be allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Disclaimer: Artist(s) agrees that The Lexington Roots & Heritage Festival, its representatives, sponsors, volunteers or anyone associated with the success of this event, will in no way be responsible for damages or injuries which may occur to the artist(s), or personal instrumentation utilized for their performance, including damages or injuries caused by adverse weather conditions. Additionally, the artist(s) will be responsible for providing their own instrumentation for use during their performance, unless otherwise agreed to by the Stage 1 Chairman or Coordinator, prior to the date of the event.

    I / We, agree to the above Conditions and Disclaimer.