The Division of Recruitment at HCF is gear towards encouraging those to explore higher education choices, preferably HBCUs through our division website and social media handles.

We extend our invitation to Office of Admissions or recruitment at HBCUs to register to list their HBCU admission information in our HBCU Admissions and Recruitment Directory, which serves as another avenue of advertisement with the goal to recruiting students and sustaining enrollment rates.

The HBCU Admissions and Recruitment Directory displays on our section of HCF's website, and you can view it here. Office of Admissions and Recruitment at HBCUs contact information is visible along with available links and other vital information to interested college seekers. Your department also may host ads and recruitment videos if chosen to do so in the directory entry. Any additional information about the designated HBCU will be helpful so that those seeking interest can make an informed decision about attending an HBCU institution.

In acceptance of our invitation, we ask if the Office of Admissions and Recruitment have a principal representative fill out the form below. HCF promise that NO unapproved material will list on our site and that we ask for your partnership in our efforts to assisting your HBCU in your recruitment efforts. HCF goal is to maintain the interest and enthusiasm in continuing displaying HBCUs as a top choice for today's students.

We ask that you include the following information regarding the admissions process at your HBCU institution: application, application cost, deadlines, a checklist of items required for admission, information requesting tours, university, and foundation scholarships, as well as any other information that is needed to equip us with selling your institution in a recruitment form.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Division of Recruitment at HCF via email at

The Division of Recruitment at HCF looks forward to working with your Admissions and Recruitment office and HBCU institution in aiming those students to your campus and choosing HBCU!


You may send recruitment material to HCF to the following address:

HBCU Campaign Fund
Division of Recruitment
12558 S. Princeton Ave
Chicago, IL 60628-7225

Once recruitment material has been received including interest cards, application and other information, your HBCU institution will be entered into our applications portal form.
  • Institution Information

  • Include Mailing Address.
  • Submit the direct link to your college or university application for admission ONLY if it is accessible online.
  • The college or university logo will be added next to the office of admissions or recruitment information listed in the directory.
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