Please note: If you already know that you are interested in a Marketing Plan or Consulting Services, please use the following form instead: Marketing/Consulting Survey

Please read before submitting music.

** MPi assists artists/labels with marketing and consulting services.
** We are not a recording label. (We do not "sign" talent.)
** We do not work on a percentage basis.
** Our promotion/marketing services are generally for established artists/bands/labels who have professional recordings that are already finished. This is our specialty and where we offer the most value for our clients.
** Please do not submit music with profanities. We simply have no outlet for it.
** Please do not submit demos, instead come back with the finished product.

Thank you!
  • Please include country code if outside of the USA.
  • Please use Soundcloud or another service we do not need to login into.
  • UPLOADING A SONG- If your song(s) are not online, you can attach a track for us to listen to below.

  • Please attach an .mp3 only. Any other file type will be deleted.
    Name the MP3 as "ARTIST NAME - SONG TITLE.MP3" If it's not names as this, we will need to ask you to resend. Due to the volume of files we receive, if the artist name is not included, it will get lost.
  • You may choose more than one genre.
  • Note: You may choose more than one.

    This does not limit, nor obligate you. It allows us to know what service we are considering music for. Each service has different requirements and genre considerations. We do not accept every project submitted.

  • If you don't have 10 bullets, just write anything you feel would qualify.
    Please include single, album and/or EP release dates.
  • Thank you for submitting your project to us.