Girl Awards Request Form
Please use this form to submit your request for a girl to be recognized as a Graduating Senior, Ten Year Award recipient, Gold Award recipient, or Bridge to Adult recipient at the GSOC Recognition Event.
  • Please submit one request form per girl for the following:

    • 12th grade graduating Senior Girl Scout Ambassador
    • Ten Year Award recipient
    • Girl Scout Gold Award recipient
    • Bridge to Adult Award recipient

    Girls will be recognized at the Girl Scouts of Orange County Recognition Event.
  • Deadline: For girls to be recognized at the Recognition Event, this form must be submitted no later than NEW Girl Awards Deadline: February 4th @ 6:08 pm (2-4-6-8) annually

    For questions, please contact Lesley Finch at
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  • Graduating Senior Girl Scout Ambassador

    Girls in 12th grade will be featured as part of the social time prior to the start of the program and will receive a certificate. This is an opportunity to share a few highlights about our Girl Scout Ambassadors who are graduating seniors.
  • This can be an official Girl Scout Gold Award picture, a school portrait, or other photo of the girl.
  • Ten Year Award

    Girls who have been registered members for 10 years or more will be presented with the Ten Year Award at the Recognition Event.
  • Ten Year Awards will be presented to girls who have been registered as members for ten years or more. Girls must be present to receive the award.
  • Girl Scout Gold Award

    Girls who have earned the Girl Scout Gold Award will be recognized at the Recognition Event.
  • Girl Scout Gold Award recipients for the current membership year will be recognized.
  • Bridge to Adult Award

    Girls who have earned the Bridge to Adult Award will be recognized at the Recognition Event.
  • Girls are "on their honor" to complete steps found in The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting and online at