SpiritCat Cornish Rex
Potential Family Feedback & Inquiry
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  • What are you looking for??

    Please take a moment to tell us what type of Cornish you are looking for.
  • Time Frame

    How soon are you looking to add a new baby to your family?
  • Declawing

    Declawing a cat is one of the most inhumane acts that a human can do to their loved ones. We here at SpiritCat are firm advocts against any form of declawing!!
  • Food

    All kittens are raised on a high quality kibble and a cooked chicken diet from about 4 weeks forward.. are you willing to continue this diet when the kitten comes home to you?
  • Home Environment

    Cornish Rex are a very social breed and thrive in an household where they can interact with you and your family. Please tell us a little more about your home. Please choose all that apply.
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