VHF Loan Agreement
Loan agreement between the Guernsey Rowing Club LBG ("the Club") and the below named applicant ("the Applicant") for the loan of a club ICOM M25 VHF radio ("VHF"), serial number listed below, for the duration of the 2020 season.

All VHF radios are supplied with a charger, charging cradle, belt clip and lanyard.

All damage and cosmetic imperfections on the radio at handover are to be listed in the notes section below and agreed with the club at point of handover. Thereafter it is the responsibility of the Applicant and the Applicant's crew to maintain and ensure the radio is kept in a good state of repair for the duration of the 2020 season.

Should the VHF be lost, stolen or damaged during the duration of the loan agreement it is the Applicant's responsibility to make the club whole, by replacing the radio like for like or reimbursing the Club for the costs of any repairs.

The VHF is to be carried by crews while carrying out rowing related activities in both GRC races and training sessions. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they are appropriately trained and have knowledge of how to use the VHF.

The Club reserves the right to terminate this loan agreement at any time at the discretion of the GRC Committee. Otherwise, this agreement will come to an end on the conclusion of the last race of the GRC season.

Applicants must be fully paid up members of the GRC in order to be eligible to borrow a VHF radio.
  • 8 Digit VHF Serial Number present on the rear of the radio
  • Please note any damage or cosmetic imperfections present on the VHF at point of handover.
  • Disclaimer

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