Alcohol at Regis University RSO Event Application
This application is subject to the governing language set out by the Regis University Alcohol and Drugs Policy.

The University prohibits the possession, use, distribution, sale or manufacture of alcoholic beverages, except at such activities, or in such areas and in such a manner as may be specifically authorized by the University. Possession or use of alcoholic beverages by students, employees or guests in or on any University Property or at any University-Sponsored Activity is restricted to specifically designated University functions for individuals who may lawfully consume alcoholic beverages with proper identification under the applicable age limit in the jurisdiction where the alcoholic beverage is to be consumed.

Student organizations that seek to conduct a University-Sponsored Activity on or off campus that includes the service of alcoholic beverages must be granted prior approval by the Vice President for Student Affairs or their designee.

All other University- Sponsored Activities that include the service of alcoholic beverages must be granted prior approval by the Provost, or their designee (for academic-related units) or the appropriate Vice President, or their designee (for operations-related units).

Sponsors of social activities are expected to limit alcohol to moderate amounts and to keep the focus of the event on social interaction rather than alcohol consumption. Food and non- alcoholic beverages must be available at any event where alcohol is served, and ought to be served in greater proportions than the amount of alcohol served.

Security. An event assessment will be conducted by the Director of Campus Safety to determine if additional security is required for specific events.

Advertising for student-sponsored events that includes any reference to alcohol, or states or suggests that alcohol will be available at an event is prohibited.
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