Big hairy problems will meet their match at the 24 Hour Think Challenge—a design thinking challenge that pits the creative brainpower of high school juniors against issues of systemic complexity created by adults. In a world created by adults, and run by adults, what students think is often overlooked. The results? Not always so good. The college going rate in Idaho? Worst in the nation. Childhood obesity? One in three kids in Idaho is obese. What does that say about our future? Maybe it’s time for high school students to join in these conversations. We can do better than this.

    High school juniors, we challenge you to fix this. Show how you’d do it differently.
    It’s your future. Own it.

    Two day design thinking challenge: October 2 & 3. People are listening.

    150 Juniors, disrupting for good. Century Link Arena, downtown Boise. No cost to attend. Competitive selection process.

    The Think Challenge is sponsored by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation in partnership with One Stone.
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  • Tracks

    The Think Challenge has four tracks or areas of of focus. They are:
    Reinventing Idaho Education
    STEM Education
    Design Your Life

    Below please rank these four track in order of interest.
  • Contact Neva Geisler, One Stone, at neva@onestone.org or 208.477.1663 with any questions.