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  • TELL US WHO YOU ARE!! ....Sororities and Fraternities, church and community clubs are encouraged and welcomed! You will receive photo recognition in the Rosenwald Centennial ebook and at the festival.
  • TELL US WHO YOU ARE!! Provide your Band or Stage name, Act description; and a web address, YouTube or other online performance urls that are representative of your work.

    NOTE: This is a family-friendly event. Acts employing profanity, seductive lyrics, actions or attire should not apply. If chosen to perform, we will contact you to work out details of compensation.
  • Upload a promotional photo or live shot here as a .jpg, .pdf, or .png
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    ...Apr 22, 2022 | 3-8pm
    ...639 Rosenwall Rd, Huntsville TX 77320

  • Porta-potties and hydration stations will provided, but please be prepared to bring your own water and private generator if needed for vending. More info as time gets closer.
  • You may upload photos of your business card, etc.
  • You may upload photos of your auction items, business card, insurance verification, etc.
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    DISTRIBUTION: I understand that all AUCTION ITEMS, PHOTOS, VIDEOS AND MEMORABILIA SUBMITTED to this project become the digital/intellectual or physical property of the Samuel W. Houston Museum to share and display as they so choose.

    I also understand that funds, made payable and sent to the Rosenwald Acres website will go to a special account set up to finance the “Rosenwald Centennial Project” ...with 50% of the net proceeds to benefit restoration of the gate, access trail and graves housing the remains of Rosenwald School founders in the Kittrell-Wilson Cemetery behind Rosenwald School Acres.

    I understand also that 25% of net proceeds received from this website / project will be donated to the Samuel W. Houston Museum and Cultural Center with the final 25% is for project administration and to aid in the creation of a green, earth-friendly, multigenerational homage to the former school.

    INDEMNIFICATION: I herein indemnify Rosenwald Acres, the Samuel W. Houston Museum, The Rosenwald Centennial Project Sponsors, contributors, vendors, participants, artists, The Wiseman Company, Butler Wiseman, and this project's volunteers, associates and employees from any and all claims that may arise from my participation in these events.

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