Truella Beauty Bar
Mesh Integration Consent Form
  • You have taken the first step to having the hair of your dreams. Please read and sign below to ensue you understand the procedure and financial responsibly of this service.

    I acknowledge that the service provided is final after the application. Any changes to the style after application will be charged accordingly. I acknowledge that Mesh Integration is very sensitive and different from intact human hair.
    I have been informed of the daily maintenance to help ensure the health of my own hair. I understand that if not treated properly hair damage will occur. I will follow the daily maintenance procedure to keep my mesh piece in the best condition possible.

    Truella Beauty Bar stocks the best in maintenance products for your own hair and your new hair system.
    I am fully aware and responsible that if I brush my topper to hard it may become loose. Proper care of this hair is extremely import to the health of your own remaining hair.

    Truella Beauty Bar will provide you with a care card for your new hair system. In the event that I decide not to keep this hair system, I am fully responsible for the total payment of services rendered. I also understand the explanations of the entire procedure, and I am aware that with proper care on my part, the hair should remain in my hair for at least 8 to 12 months. Maintenance visits must be every 12 weeks. I nderstand that if an allergic reaction occurs, I will not hold my technician or salon liable. The charge for the removal of hair system is not included in the original fee.

    Truella Beauty Bar does not except responsibility for hair purchased outside of Truella Beauty Bar. Truella Beauty Bar does not take responsibility if client intentionally pulls hair or hair extensions out causing damage to clients original hair.

    I have read this waiver form in its entirety, and I voluntarily accept the terms of the release by affixing my signature below, and warrant that I fully understand its contents.