Apex Care's Daily Notes
To be submitted prior to 0900 hrs daily without fail. Be aware these notes are shared with the other people supporting the tangata whaiora / client.
When completed, please click the Submit button at the bottom.
Reminder: have you done your Site Safety Check? Required for first time on a site or a refresher when you haven't been there for a while: https://tinyurl.com/f3aywsrb

* means mandatory
  • / /
  • Name of the house is okay, or just street/road name.
  • Please write the first name in full and the last name can be just the Initial.
    If you supported the whole house, please write WHOLE for first name and HOUSE for last name. You do not need to name all individuals.
  • Please ensure this has been documented on the signing sheet with meds which is available here: https://tinyurl.com/bdhr8sdc
  • :
  • If you take any photos of the medications for this purpose, the photo must be deleted off your phone straight away due to confidentiality.