Afton Marina Spring Splash Request
  • **Your account must be current in order to pick a launch week. ** Launch is 1st come 1st served. Once a week fills up it will no longer be available.
  • If an outside vendor covered your boat, please have the boat uncovered before the Monday of the week you have requested for a launch. Please note - If you have removed the batteries in your boat, please make sure they are installed before your launch date along with your tie lines and power cords.

  • Your boat MUST be ready by the MONDAY of your launch week. If you are not ready, we will move you to week 6. We will start unwrapping boats the week before your launch week. If you want it unwrapped before that, contact Kris.
    If you summerize your own boat, you must be here to take your boat to its slip when launched.

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  • Once you have clicked on submit you will receive an email letting you know your form was received. MAKE SURE YOU INPUT YOUR EMAIL CORRECTLY OR YOU WON'T GET CONFIRMATION.
    If you do not get an acceptance email, please call the office at 651 436 4884 and our staff will assist you.